The Coalition

The Coalition comprises of community members, like-minded organisations, services, Wyndham City Council and the Committee for Wyndham working in partnership to increase the profile of Social Justice in Wyndham.

The Coalition will strive towards a common goal of increasing Social Justice in the City of Wyndham. In particular, the Coalition has identified the need to improve the education and training opportunities afforded to local residents as a key priority to improve the health, well being and economic participation of the Wyndham community.

"Working Together for a Better Wyndham" is one of our core objectives with our focus on bringing people and organisations together in partnerships to advocate for improvements to:

  • Quality education and training opportunities for all
  • Active employment opportunities with the community
  • Affordable and accessible housing
  • Accessible, reliable and efficient transport within the community
  • Physical, mental and spiritual health access, and encouragement in the community
  • Strong and secure community safety