CEO Welcome

Welcome to the Wyndham Social Justice Coalition,

The development of a long-term Wyndham Social Justice Charter, Policy Statement and associated documents will serve to identify, inform and guide the priority social justice issues that are facing the Wyndham region.

The rationale behind creating a Wyndham Social Justice Coalition was developed by the Committee for Wyndham as a strategic component of a comprehensive Community Based Project linked to the 2013 Future Leaders of the West (FLOW) Leadership Program. This leadership program is an annual Committee for Wyndham initiative and was conducted in conjunction with Victoria University in 2013. The program yielded a Graduate Certificate of Management qualification for participants and had at its core, the requirement for the development of a long-term community based project that formed a large component of the participant's assessment.

Throughout the entire course during 2013, I acted as a mentor for the four (4) course participants that developed the 'draft' framework and strategy to identify foundation members, approach and seek agreement from specialist members, develop a skeleton charter and framework and to invariably develop a Wyndham Social Justice Coalition Charter, Policy Statement and associated documents.

In 2014, three of the four founding members (course participants) chose to continue their invaluable support to the coalition, in collaboration with me, by volunteering their time to continue the work required to realise the coalition's first meeting in June 2014.

In May 2014, the Committee briefed the 2014 FLOW Leadership Program participants with a view of continuing the research and development deliverables required to realise the successful establishment of the Wyndham Social Justice Coalition.

It is envisaged that the Wyndham Social Justice Coalition members will meet as per the agreed meeting frequency (pending Terms of Reference clauses) timelines and delegate all actions and deliverables to the 2014 leadership program course participants.

This approach and methodology has been adopted in the absence of any existing or pending budget/funding or dedicated human resource required to adequately coordinate, manage or action the vast amount for work required to realise this critically important initiative for our region.

The notion of working together for Social Justice in Wyndham emerged from an understanding that complex social justice issues and entrenched disadvantage cannot be solved by one agency operating alone. Instead, collaborative, multi-agency partnerships are required to develop cooperative responses and sustained advocacy to make an impact on systemic inequalities.

Kind regards,

Chris Potaris
Committee for Wyndham